//// Alive Wholefoods – A family-run wholefoods and organic healthy food, grocery shop in Bali. In Store and Online – Delivery

Help those affected by the Corona Hunger Crisis!

Help those affected by the Corona Hunger Crisis!

Natural Foods To Nourish Your Body

We offer you a complete range of organic produce, bulk wholefoods, general grocery items, eco household items, natural personal care and much more!

Fruit & Vegetables

Our fruit and vegetable selection has been sourced from Bali's top organic growers & wrapped in banana leaf plastic free. All items are in season, local, spray free and GMO free.

Dairy & Non-Dairy

A full range of milk, preservative free yogurt, vegan milks and cheeses, stellar local and imported cheese, milk kefir and cottage cheese.

Healthy Groceries

We've carefully selected our grocery items to ensure they are free from nasties. We offer fermented items, jarred goods, homemade sauces, oils, spices, pasta, noodles, condiments and more.

Organic Liquid Fast Kits

Enjoy an organic 1, 3 or 6 day fast. Choose what works for your body. Boost & add the extras you need.

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