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Our Philosophy

As a young family of 4, we have passionately sourced Bali's cleanest and greenest suppliers of all natural wholefoods & healthcare because this is what we personally care about too! We focus on providing you with an all natural shopping experience, in a sanitary environment, supplying goods to support stellar local eco-farmers on the island, as well as offering you a selection of your favorite imported goods that are difficult to source in our precious small island home.

Our items are organic where possible, preservative + additive free & made with love and care. We choose to wrap in banana leaf, provide foods in bulk AND and limit plastic and encourage recycling where possible! We also use all of our food wastage or we compost it and gove it back to our farmers....

When you shop at Alive Wholefoods you are supporting our beautiful delicate environment by choosing to avoid mass produced and unsustainable farming practices. You are also supporting your own physical health and well-being & helping the local economy grow.

Check out our rockstar organic family farmers below!

Fruit & Vegetables

Our fruit and vegetable selection has been sourced from Bali's top organic growers & wrapped in banana leaf plastic free. All items are in season, local, spray free and GMO free.

Bulk Wholefoods

Buy in bulk and be the change. Reduce waste when you buy in bulk with us. We have Legumes, Grains, Seeds, Pulses, Pastas, Organic Rice, Superfood Powders, Dried fruit & Spices all available in BULK. Boom!

Dairy & Non-Dairy

A full range of milk, preservative free yogurt, vegan coconut yogurt, stellar local and imported cheese, milk kefir and cottage cheese.

Vegan & Plant-Based Options

We are a mostly plant-based family, we know the goods you need! From plant based protein powders to non-gmo tempeh and great vegan snacks we got you ok!

Healthy Groceries

We've carefully selected our grocery items to ensure they are free from nasties. We offer fermented items, jarred goods, homemade sauces, oils, spices, pasta, noodles, condiments and more.

Baked Goods

Enjoy homemade artisan breads from talented local bakers. Sourdough, banana flour, multigrain & gluten free! We also stock homemade seed crackers, biscuits, and sweets that are all produced with natural preservative free ingredients.

Natural Health & Personal Care

We stock a full range of supplements, natural personal care items, health goods, medicinal herbal teas & medicinal herbal medicine to treat most ailments naturally. Just how we like it ;)

Homemade Meals

Can't be bothered cooking? We've prepared hearty and super healthy meals for you to enjoy at home with love and care. Including broths, soups, sauces and our range or organic cold pressed juices for you to enjoy at home.

Meats, Fish & Eggs

We stock a range of organic local Balinese meats, fish as well as imported Australian red meats. Our meats are farmed ethically and free from additives, hormones AND free-range organic where possible. Check out Local Parts ....they are one of our awesome suppliers! - All arrive frozen -
Our Eggs are hormone free and or organic freerange.


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